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Vinylize Releases Keymono 12" Vinyl

For Record Store Day's 10th year anniversary Vinylize is releasing a Keymono Anthology.

Pressed by Pirates Press Czech Republic on 180g clear vinyl, it will be available exclusively through Vinylize and Keymono.

Cut at 45rpm to maximize the sound quality. Here are 4 of the tracks:



A huge portion of the vinyl we recycle is white label and there is a reason for that. We hired Ilosfai Marton to design us an award winning sleeve and label.

Keymono is about nature and the cosmos, so a swimming astronaut seemed natural.

The tracks were mastered for vinyl by Gabor Deutsch. The grooves were cut on DMM. Its how they do it in the Czech Republic. Less hassle than a lacquer and therefore less cost.

Most of these pressings will turn into NVSBLE frames but a lucky few can get a copy at our Budapest Showroom or with any online purchase until May 22 2017.

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April 07, 2017 by Bettina Gál
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