The Casualization of Destruction

Upcycling ammunition into eyewear
„We have casualized destruction to such an extent that the necessary tools can be acquired for free. And we don’t have the power to stop ourselves.”
-Zachary Tipton, Creator
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The new collection fuses performance metals with upcycled spent ammunition casings.
Caliber Optics
The new 357 line provoked a powerful response when it was unveiled at secret showings in Paris and Las Vegas recently. “Some of my customers saw it and said right away they’ll take every piece. Others said that they don’t even want to see it.” says a delighted Zack Tipton of Vinylize.
“If I can elicit such a powerful emotion, that means I have achieved success as an atrist” “I know that the use of such a controversial element will anger some people. I am ok with that. I am not interested in being friends with everybody.”
January 08, 2020 by david holzer
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