Vinylize X Wu-Tang Clan

Vinylize was inspired by Wu- Tang’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” to create a unique sunglass frame.

Vinylize crafted a single frame made from Wu Tang’s “36 Chambers” album. It will be auctioned off on the 7th of July in Budapest at Budapest Park, the venue hosting their concert. Online bidding has already begun. To participate click here.

Only one frame will be crafted from their groundbreaking 12” album. The accompanying case is laser cut from the same record. Named in honor of the iconic release, Vinylize gives you “Triumph”.

Triumph and its case are housed in a custom made container. The record sleeve decorates the inside cover and the remains of the vinyl record hold the contents in place.

An original 12” 36 Chambers album was fused to vintage hypoallergenic Italian acetate. Vinylize’s state of the art 5 axis CNC transforms the block into a frame.

It is then assembled and hand polished. Gold plated Italian spring hinge temples secure the frame to the wearer’s head. Hypoallergenic temple tips ensure stability and comfort.

The gold plated decorative element gracing the bridge ties the frame together. Vinylize’s proprietary production technology enables the grooves to be seen on the finished product.

This one of a kind collector’s item will be publicly auctioned off on July 7th. The location will be Budapest Park, the venue hosting Wu-Tang's concert that evening. Auctioning will begin at 20:00 and ends at midnight that day. Starting bid is 36 USD. Proceeds will be donated to PETA. Bidding is conducted online.