Fred Durst in da Vinylize

Fred Durst has been spending time in Moscow promoting the upcoming Limp bizkit Russian tour.


The Vinylize Brubecks made from his "New Old Songs" vinyl were gifted to him at the end of August by the Sziget Festival organizers. 


Designed by Zack and Simon at Tipton, the Brubeck features a few design elements worth noting:
the top corner of the temple end piece is mitered off at 45 degrees resulting in what looks like a dropped temple,
but its really not. The bottom edge of the temple end piece runs parallel to the mitre.  


The dropped temple illusion is strengthened by the dropped bridge.
The quality of the frame is accentuated by the riveted 5 barrel hinges and no-frills temples.
Brubeck is available to the public as a part of the Vinylize Classic collection. Check out it here!


September 13, 2015 by Zachary Tipton