Vinylize Remasters Lazaretto

Another beautiful black disk remastered into yet another luxurious pair of eyewear. 

Jack White's Lazaretto was a pleasure to work with. At more than 2mm thick it sports luminous deep grooves probably due to the fact that the record plays from the inside out.

Built with 6mm thick horn textured Italian cellulose acetate lamination and 5 barrel riveted hinges, the sense of quality is completed with gradient Zeiss lenses. 

Packaging and display is crucial for a piece of this caliber. The inside of the custom made box is decorated with the album cover. The box is laser engraved textured faux fur.

Limited to 3 sets, this edition is not available to the public.
March 26, 2015 by Zachary Tipton

Bob Marley Remastered

Vinylize had so much fun with the blue Pink Floyd set that we decided to continue the tradition and celebrate Bob's 70th birthday.

His posthumous Legend release has been reissued as a tricolor pressing a la Rastafarian flag.

This leads to some very unusually colored vinyl and the resulting frames are asymmetrically colored.

Both models are yellow in the center with either red or green on the sides. The Tosh model (available as a classic Vinylize frame as well) is sized for men. Riveted 5 barrel hinges hold the temples together.

The Henneman is sized for women and is also available as a classic Vinylize color. 

The temples are also asymmetrically airbrushed, though it is almost impossible to tell because you never see both temples at the same time unless the frame is closed.

Legends is laminated onto vintage Italian Acetate and the temples sport matching temple tips.
Both the frame and the case are beautifully packaged (with the remaining vinyl holding it in place) in a custom gold lettered box. Featured on our site are the models Tosh and Henneman. Both Legend models have been modified with the addition of airbrushed metal temples.
The frames are not for sale and available only to members of the Marley family. The Bob Marley box sets will be available for viewing at MIDO in Milan and in our Budapest showroom.

Megaphone Vinylize Stand

Introducing the new Vinylize stand to display a single frame. Lovingly dubbed the "MEGAPHONE", it is
remastered from a 12" vinyl record.
The stand amplifies any Vinylize frame placed on it by creating contrast between the background and the product. A lasercut mirror holds the temples in place and allows the viewer to see themselves.
It is designed to be able to both hang on the wall and stand freely on any flat surface. 
The originally black 12" vinyl is gilded by the same guys who make these sorts of things:

Check it out at your nearest Vinylize dealer.

January 05, 2015 by Zachary Tipton