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Vinylize at OPTI Munich C4.507

Vinylize will be showing at OPTI again this year. We will have our new Executive line out as well as frames worn by Robbie Williams, Fred Durst and Mick Fleetwood.

The booth will be our grandest yet. More squared meters and fancy decorations. See you there!

January 06, 2016 by Zachary Tipton


Tipton Eyeworks, the creators of Vinylize are bringing their collection of luxury eyewear to the United States. Zachary Tipton founded the company in Budapest in 2004 after 3 years of developing a method to craft high quality, durable eyewear from vinyl records. The entire collection of 60 pieces as well as limited edition box sets are being shipped from Europe.

Tour started in New Mexico and second stop will be Austin, TX. For one day only - December 3rd, 2015 Santa Fe Optical (1601 W. 38TH Street) will host an exclusive trunk show. From 10 am to 5.30 pm Zachary Tipton will style the local crowd with vinyl frames. 

 The Vinylize collection is available only in black. Many of the 60 shapes are made from communist recordings of Lenin speaking and recent dubstep. Limited edition sets featuring custom designed frames made from the vinyl of Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Madonna will also be on display. Join us and be the first to select from the latest F/W 2016 releases.

November 20, 2015 by Zachary Tipton

Fred Durst in da Vinylize

Fred Durst has been spending time in Moscow promoting the upcoming Limp bizkit Russian tour.


The Vinylize Brubecks made from his "New Old Songs" vinyl were gifted to him at the end of August by the Sziget Festival organizers. 


Designed by Zack and Simon at Tipton, the Brubeck features a few design elements worth noting:
the top corner of the temple end piece is mitered off at 45 degrees resulting in what looks like a dropped temple,
but its really not. The bottom edge of the temple end piece runs parallel to the mitre.  


The dropped temple illusion is strengthened by the dropped bridge.
The quality of the frame is accentuated by the riveted 5 barrel hinges and no-frills temples.
Brubeck is available to the public as a part of the Vinylize Classic collection. Check out it here!


September 13, 2015 by Zachary Tipton

Vinylize Backstage

Vinylize takes you behind the scenes. 

The sacred location where the stars prepare for a show and relax afterwards has generally been off limits to mortals.

Unless you create something special enough to be there.

Florence's Road Whores laugh it up.

Yo! Where is your Vinylize, Gary? With Robbie's Atlantic Horns.

Katie White of the The Ting Tings checks out Fred Durst's custom Vinylize.

Major Lazer's (a.k.a. Diplo) Walshy Fire sporting a pair of  Goodes.

We will be touring this year with the backstage set up 

Diamond on Vinyl

Vinylizing Marina

As part of our collaboration with the 2015 Sziget Festival, which attracted a staggering 441 thousand people over the week this year, we created custom ‘box sets’ for some of the main stage acts.  We couldn’t resist Marina Diamandis, aka Marina and the Diamonds, not least because her Froot album looks amazing in white.

We also love Marina’s distinctive music and singing style, as well as her flamboyant dress sense and love of her fans - whom she refers to as ‘Diamonds’. She has almost a million Diamonds following her on Twitter.

We decided to build her a custom Araya frame made from her white vinyl. The temples were also matched to create a one of a kind Vinylize frame.


We also knew this frame would look great in the white of Marina’s Froot album and would go perfectly with whatever outfit she chooses to wear on stage.

Unfortunately for the rest of us mere mortals, this frame will only be available in black.


August 23, 2015 by Zachary Tipton

Vinylize remasters Robbie Williams

“Take the Crown” Remastered

Designing a Vinylize frame for one of Europe’s most-sought after artists is a daunting task. We always try to make a commercially viable product - but one that the artist himself will also gladly wear. It’s a fine balance, especially when we don't get the chance to meet them first.

Before a prototype is made, the technical drawings are prepared. We took into account Robbie's square jaw- and hairline, characteristically thin mouth and straight brows. It quickly became clear that we needed to make him some Wellington, square or teardrop-style frames.

We ran through dozens of variations before deciding on a few to prototype. To stay true to the Vinylize style, we decided to design a pair of frames based on the classic Wellington shape. This particular model is well suited to the design ethos of Vinylize: thick rims, an angular shape and a base curve of four.


We took the basic design and added some square accents to match Robbie's striking features and inject a little spice. Although soft curves suit him just fine, we felt it was important to bring in some masculine touches. The frames are 150mm wide to match Robbie's slightly broader-than-average face.


 The finished work of art is packaged in an exclusive box showcasing the vinyl it was made from. The box is specially designed to "eject" the frame from the box.

For more images of Robbie Williams wearing Vinylize, check out the inauguration of the Porto Cervo Chopard popup store.

The model Reverse is available to the public in the Vinylize Classic collection


August 18, 2015 by Zachary Tipton


Being big fans of the local Hungarian Carneval (Frasang) we took the liberty of remastering a few D.O.G. pressings. The Pécsi band's awesome


3 color 180g vinyl was the perfect choice for the Vinylize Carneval Mask, the perfect lips are the icing on the cake.



February 08, 2015 by Zachary Tipton

Megaphone Vinylize Stand

Introducing the new Vinylize stand to display a single frame. Lovingly dubbed the "MEGAPHONE", it is
remastered from a 12" vinyl record.
The stand amplifies any Vinylize frame placed on it by creating contrast between the background and the product. A lasercut mirror holds the temples in place and allows the viewer to see themselves.
It is designed to be able to both hang on the wall and stand freely on any flat surface. 
The originally black 12" vinyl is gilded by the same guys who make these sorts of things:

Check it out at your nearest Vinylize dealer.

January 05, 2015 by Zachary Tipton

Vinylize at OPTI Munich

This year from January 9-11 Vinylize will be available for viewing at OPTI, the International Trade Show for optics and design.



Keep your eyes out for us, we will be debuting the new Vinylize 2015 Sun Collection, available in any color as long as it is black. 

See you there!

December 23, 2014 by Zachary Tipton

Vinylize Toney Wins A Design Award

Tipton Eyeworks Vinylzie Toney has been nominated for an A design award for design excellence.


A' Design Award and Competition aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best designs, design concepts and design oriented products worldwide.

To read more about our nomination, click here.

November 18, 2014 by Zachary Tipton