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Vinylize x AC/DC lifestyle shoot: Welcome to our ‘man cave’

The story of Vinylize is not always easy to tell. But they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we teamed up Budapest-based photographer Zoltan Krasznai to create an image that communicates everything you need to know about the Vinylize brand and its recent tie-up with legendary rock band AC/DC.

Vinylize 'man cave' werk photo

The shoot was put together to showcase the officially licensed Vinylize x AC/DC collection of four frames. In addition to being branded with the lightning bolt logo on the exterior and on the inside of the temple, every piece is made from repressings of the band’s original Back in Black vinyl, so the grooves of hits like Hells Bells and Let Me Put My Love Into You are clearly visible on the front.

Vinylize x AC/DC Noise

The challenge when creating the image campaign was to capture the elegance and sophistication of the Vinylize brand without sacrificing the raw energy of the power rockers from Australia. The result is the photograph showing Hungarian-Australian model Istvan Danko unwinding with some classic rock 'n' roll records after a hard day’s work.

The idea was to create a mood of sophistication while showing the vinyl collector in his element – rocking out to his favorite tunes while sipping a drink and reminiscing about the good old days. It is clear from the classic Gibson SG guitar on the wall to the copy of the Tales of Grand Old Daddy by Marcus Hook and Roll Band, an early forerunner of AC/DC featuring the Young brothers, that our music aficionado still has plenty of rock ‘n’ roll coursing through his veins.

Vinylize x AC/DC Noise man cave close-up

Yet he cuts a suave and sophisticated figure in his Vinylize x AC/DC model Bone glasses, which help him make out the fine print both on the record sleeve and on the multi-million dollar business contracts he deals with at work.

Even the pink necktie discarded on his vintage Marshall amp is a nod to the classic schoolboy look cultivated by his guitar idol, Angus Young. Connoisseurs of Hungarian liquor will also note the distinctive bottle of Zwack Unicum at his side, a subtle reference to the home of Tipton Eyeworks in Budapest, Hungary.

The image represents a departure from the design and product focused approach common in the eyewear industry. Instead, it takes its cues more from the world of fashion, where it is all about creating an impact rather than showcasing individual features and details. After all, with a powerful brand, high-quality products sell themselves.

We hope people will identify with our fun take on this approach, after all, it’s not every day you see a 54-year-old fashion model.

Check out the entire collection here.

October 05, 2018 by Adrian Courage
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