Vinylize x AC/DC official press release

The only official AC/DC eyewear collection, and its made out of their vinyl. 

Vinylize crafts AC/DC's multi-platinum album 'Back in Black' into an eyewear collection. Vinylize is a Budapest based independent eyewear brand which recycles vinyl records into premium quality eyewear since 2004 ( in Black is one of the top selling rock albums of all time.

Vinylize is excited to introduce the innovative collaboration. "In a way this product is revolutionary. We are breaking the traditional rules of band merchandising,” founder Zachary Tipton explains. “We are introducing a handcrafted European product of extremely high quality, while offering great value for money. Our target market comprises those AC/DC fans who have refined tastes and still love the music."

"Offering fans a wide assortment of rock 'n' roll collectibles is our mandate and we consider this new collection from Vinylize, the first for AC/DC in the eyewear category to be both innovative and edgy" said Norman Perry of Perryscope Productions who along with Epic Rights exclusively oversee the merchandising for AC/DC.

Only three models were made for the first production run. The face of each frame is graced with a portion of one of the most definitive rock albums ever. The proud owner will be rocking the grooves that carry the riffs of Hells Bells and Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution to name but a few of the album's best known tracks. View all.

Model Hell - Named after "Hells Bells" the first track on side A. These frames are an absolute necessity in the place where some AC/DC fans may eventually end up.


Model Bone - Like the track "Givin the Dog a Bone" is not just about man's best friend, the AC/DC X Vinylize Bone is not just a round frame.  

Model Noise - Named after the final track on Back in Black "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution". This rock and roll anthem captures the feeling of the eras as does the AC/DC X Vinylize Noise.

​The temples of each frame are inlayed with a chrome AC/DC lightning bolt. The original grooves of one of he most definitive rock albums ever pressed are visible on the front of the frame.




The insides of the temples are heat-stamped with both brand names.

Each frame comes with a branded case which uses vinyl in its construction and a biodegradable box. The entire package comes with a case, tag, guarantee card, box, wiping cloth, and the frames themselves, all branded.

All frames are also available as prescription or sunglass models. The sunglass option is shipped with polarized  Italian lenses. The newly launched collection is available in select retail locations on the website and on the website. 

Check out the whole Vinylize x AC/DC collection here.

 About Vinylize 

Our story starts back in 1998 when the founder, Zachary Tipton, first started making glasses in Seattle Washington. Continually developing new concepts, he began experimenting with plastics. By chance his father's record collection was stored in the garage/workshop. Out of necessity he carved the first Vinylize prototypes from these albums.  The first production series was made in 2001 in Hungary from old communist-era vinyl found at local flea markets. Following years of testing, experimenting and developing, the Vinylize collection was launched in 2004. Production is currently located in Budapest. 

Since then Vinylize has worked with Maui Jim Sunglasses, Nespresso and  Land Rover on recycled eyewear projects. The brand has also provided frames for many music industry greats, including Sir Richard Branson, Mark Lanegan, Elton John, Robbie Williams, Elvis Costello, and Fred Durst but to name a few. Vinylize repurposes over three tons of vinyl per year and the brand’s products are sold globally.

About AC/DC

The Young brothers created a unique culture around their enigmatic music when in 1980 they released what has become one of the  best-selling albums in the world. Back in Black , a hard rock breakthrough, is a rebellious tribute to their late lead vocalist, Bon Scott, and is now considered one of the greatest records of all time, having featured on countless top lists compiled by music authorities such as Rolling Stone and VH1.


With its highly energetic performance style, excellent production values, dynamic melodies and catchy lyrics, Back in Black has never failed to garner critical acclaim from industry professionals, and a rapturous reception from their massive fan base throughout the world.

June 17, 2018 by Bettina Gál
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