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Male Optical Rectangular





Vinylize Deru

A very classic rectangular shape and due to its versatility it has become one of our best sellers. Balanced lines and no sharp edges make it look confident and cosy. Prescription ready. Grooves are exemplary. Vinylize frames always come with a case made from a vinyl record. Handcrafted in Budapest.

Vinylize Pege

This frame was named after Hungarian jazz musician Aladár Pege, dubbed "Paganinni of the Double Bass". A star performer in the Vinylize collection for years now, it's fair to say you're looking at the "Paganinni of the Vinyl Frames". Prescription ready. Grooves are exemplary, no two Vinylize are ever alike. Each frame comes with a case crafted from a 7" single. Handcrafted in Budapest.

Vinylize Sonny

The larger lenses on Sonny make for an altogether more profound look. The mitred corners add sophistication to an otherwise simple shape. Each frame comes with a case crafted from a 7" single. Grooves on frame front and case are exemplary. Handcrafted in Budapest. Handcrafted in Budapest.
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