Round Women Sunglasses

Bone Polarized

Round frame with a flat top. Classic in styling, made from a 12" pressing of Back in Black. The subdued AC/DC lightning bolt is inlayed in the sculpted temple. This frames color scheme mirrors the design of Back in Black's album color scheme. UV400 polarized lenses included. 

Prescription ready. Most opticians will be able to put any prescription lens into your frame. 

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Bauhaus 100 is composed entirely of circles intersected by lines and perfect for women and men. The frame front is made using Vinylize’s signature black upcycled vinyl and the warm orange of the interior is made from plant-based acetate. Fitted with eye-catching polarized UV 400 mirror blue lenses.


Remastered Vinylize style, BIG and round for both men and women. 

Riveted 3 barrel hinges last forever. This ultra durable frame is prescription ready and comes with a 2 year guarantee. No two Vinylize are ever alike. Handcrafted in Budapest.

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See I See

Tight and round like a well oiled jazz ensemble. This classic shape reinterpreted by Vinylize now shimmers with grooves, setting a new standard.

The unmistakable vinyl record exterior lends strength and durability and makes every Vinylize unique. Built to last and suitable for fitting with optical lenses or ready to wear as sunglasses, these exclusive designs combine premium elegance with a genuine piece of music history. Simple and functional, the Italian hinges are time-tested and true.

Voltage Polarized

Voltage is nearly round but, in the same way that the album High Voltage put a new spin on heavy rock, it has a piece cut out of the frame – making it even more distinctive. The unmistakable vinyl record exterior makes every Vinylize frame a unique piece. This AC/DC spectacle frame is made from High Voltage vinyl. Equally at home in the office and the moshpit, they can be purchased ready to wear with polarized sun lenses or fitted with optical lenses by an optician for everyday use.

Terms and conditions, Shipping and returns

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