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Purple Pupil Protectors

Limited to 120 pieces per model, each frame is hand crafted in the heart of Europe. The combination of acetate and vinyl guarantees durability. And the color never goes out of style.

Each handmade frame from the P.P.P. collection comes with a custom made vinyl stand. Milled and thermoformed from an recycled vinyl, the stand serves to proudly display the purple one.

With a complexity all its own, purple is the color of connection, visionary thinking, and progressiveness – it is constantly evolving to match the signs of our times. Purple is about maximizing potential and the dedication to discovery.
Standing boldly and prominently between the primary colors blue and red, purple is the color of all things majestic, bold, and mysterious – fitting for a hue that has maintained a singular status in fashion that continues to evoke a layer of emotions centuries later.
A paragraph A limited number of cases, cloths, boxes and stands have been crafted for this release. of text
5 piece padded box limited to 120 pieces
Purchase all 5 frames from this limited collection and receive the limited gift box. Handmade by book binders, this is the perfect way to store and protect your collection. Each textile box is serial numbered and elevated with regal chrome feet.