Quality and Design- what we believe in – Vinylize Eyewear

Quality and Design

Remastering music into eyewear has been a passion for more than 10 years.
The first Vinylize collection was made in Hungary in 2004.
We have since perfected the method of creating durable frames of the highest quality.
All our frames are still handmade in our Budapest workshop.

It all begins with a concept followed by design and material selection.

Only the choicest material is used. Each pressing is sorted according to thickness, age,
provenance and flexibility.

The grooves are fused with cellulose acetate and the protective layer is applied. 

The cellulose acetate we use is made in Italy. It is one of the oldest plastics known to man.
It is popular in the manufacture of eyewear because it is hypoallergenic, thermoformable and
colourful. As often as possible we use vintage acetate (always used on the Limited Edition series).
Heat, pressure and adhesive are simultaneously appied to bind the materials together.
A custom built precision CNC machines the Vinylium into a frame.
On average we make 65 pieces per model.

That makes each Vinylize limited.

After milling, each frame front is tumbled for 72 hours with wood cubes
to make them smooth and shiny.

The temples are both foil stamped and laser engraved.

Once all the parts have been prepared, cleaned, riveted, engraved and stamped,
the frame is assembled.

The numerous quality checks assure that the alignment, rivets and all
details are spot on.

Assembled frames are hand polished one by one.

The frames are hand polished one by one, taking care not to polish off the grooves.

The Whole Process in one video