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“Innovate for the individual to the highest standard in the fastest time”
-Vinylize Mission Statement

The seeds of Vinylize were planted in 1998 when our founder began making eyewear using only the materials and tools available. Our name comes from this original collection, called Vinylize®.
When you choose Vinylize, you’re buying a product defined by powerful values that have evolved since the brand was launched.

1. Ideas are only part of the story
Until they’re realized in a form that can be marketed, great ideas are nothing more
than dreams. We love being known for our designs. But we’re most proud of our track record of turning them into reality. Vinylize constantly innovates and explores the potential of new materials.

2. Good design is simple
Our approach to design is straightforward. The materials we use and the process of manufacturing always serve the design. It will never be easy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. People who appreciate high quality and performance, can see the work that goes into every Vinylize product.

3. Fail smart, fail often
In the years since we began, we’ve pushed design to the limit and are still doing so. From time to time – although you never see the result - we fail. But we’re
proud of our failures. We’ve learned from each and every one and moved on. We’re looking forward to failing again and failing better.

4. Vinylize comes first every time
We’ve worked hard to create a loyal brand. Because our customers trust us, and have rightfully high expectations, we always make sure everything we do is authentically us. That is why we build what you need, not what you want.

5. Always challenge the establishment
Vinylize stands on the side of the individual against the
collective: the small against the big, disruption against stagnation.

A few years ago, Zack Tipton co-founder of Vinylize, was wandering around a trade show where we’d released some new products that were getting a lot of attention. Our marketing and material use were blatantly being ripped off. Right then, he knew Vinylize was as innovative as he’d suspected.

When we’re annoying the establishment, we know we’re effectively upholding our principles.