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Since 2004 Vinylize has been working with grooves that changed the world. Wear a piece of music history.

Also worn by

Johnny Marr
The Smiths
“Who doesn’t love a star in a pair of good shades?”

Tyler Joseph
21 Pilots
“ Vinylize that has the ability to turn vinyl into sunglasses is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.”

Joe Talbot
The Idles
“Vinylize is a beautiful idea. You’re recycling and reimagining things in a stunning way. Thank you, man.”

In The News

New York Times
"Rock music purists who miss the crackle and pop of listening to old vinyl records may want to snap up a pair of sunglasses by Vinylize, a new line of eyewear made from old LPs. "
"You know by now that your favorite album sounds better on vinyl (it's hardly a secret), but because not every record can be a hit, some are destined for a higher purpose — like making Vinylize Eyeglasses."
Design Boom
"vinylize’ was founded on the principles of making quality glasses from recycled materials and the use of old records has given the collection a distinctive look."
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