Vinylize introduces the Vinyl Exchange

To kick off Record Store Day's 10th anniversary we are introducing THE VINYL EXCHANGE.

As founder Zachary Tipton says "People are always contacting us about recycling their vinyl so we decided to make it easy for them and also offer something in exchange."

We recycle about 3 metric tons of vinyl per year and most of this comes from personal collection and distributors. By clicking the link above and filling out the form we can quote you a value for the vinyl you wish to recycle.

In general we organize and pay for the shipping. We can get a better price since we ship so much of it around! Once we receive your vinyl we issue you a discount code (pre-agreed upon) that you can redeem on our webshop. Values vary anywhere from 25 Euros to 250 Euros depending on the location, quantity and condition of the shipment.

Vinylize designs for Rihanna, Die Antwoord

Commissions for 2016's Sziget festival included Limited Edition Box Sets for Rihanna, and Die Antwoord. Three unique frames were created and modified versions will be released this spring. 

Rihannas Vinylize

Rihanna's frame is crafted from Bob Marley's "Catch a Fire". The commercial version of the frame features gold temples and a gold double bridge.

Vinylize Rush

Ninja from Die Antwoord received a frame made from Schooly D's "Smoke Some Kill". The original version was decorated with gold plated teeth.

Vinylize Pitbull

Yolandi's frame was crafted from Nirvana's "Nevermind" and features gold plated temples. The original version also had Dollar signs on the face.

Vinylize Tension

View entire sun collection here

2017 Vinylize T-shirt

Each year we design a t-shirt that reflects the mood of Vinylize. This year's inspiration is the evolution of data.

Vinylize men's t-shirt

Until supplies last, we will include a t-shirt in each online order. 

Vinylize women's t-shirt

Two amazing styles are available. Black sleeveless for women and blue t-shirts for men.

Vinylize Evolution of music data