Vinylize Eyewear


Making of #wearthemusic Episode 1 at Lärm Budapest

Vinylize shoots it up at Lärm. Budapest's best known alternative electronic music club lends their space for a photo shoot with Cinthya, a media designer based in the capital city. View entire campaign

On the set list are essential sound, light and mood generating gadgets. 

... and of course Vinylize shades. The anthracite black backdrop of the club is accentuated by strips of neon ...

There are two rules to follow when at Larm: 1, Love the sound. 2, what happens at Larm, stays at Larm.

Stay moving at the place where the sun never rises. 


No admission, just Vinylize. Wear the music.

View the collection 

Vinylize Covered by Discovery Channel

The first airing will be in Canada on the Discovery Channel on Monday November 27 at 8:30 pm on their "Made by Destruction" show.

The episode covers the transformation of ACDC's Back in Black into a pair of Vinylize frames. 


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