FAQs – Vinylize Eyewear
What is Vinylize?
Our motto is "Create Different". We are a Budapest-based company that remasters everyday objects to produce high-quality, hand-crafted eyewear and accessories. Our first and most successful collection is Vinylize. Founded in 2004, our products are handmade by us in Hungary. 
What is remastering?
Remastering is the term we use to describe the process of transforming an object into another object with a completely different purpose. The original object can still be recognized in the new object. We remaster vinyl into eyeglass cases, display stands, business cards and much more. We like the idea of remastering because it suggests quality and attention to detail and improvement, which is exactly what Vinylize products are all about.
What vinyl do you use to make your frames?
Essentially only the best vinyl. The first records we used were bought from the flea markets of Budapest, now we pick out the newest ones with the best grooves. On average, we receive about 500 kgs of vinyl per month from various sources: libraries, distributors, old collections. Since not all vinyl is created equal, it is all sorted according to age, thickness, condition and provenance. 
What do you look for in a record?
Both the music and the quality of the vinyl are important. Pop music tends to be pressed more thinly and on poorer quality vinyl, so the more ‘serious’ the music, the more useful it is to us. The best grooves are on minimal techno, and the thicker the record, the better.
How durable are Vinylize frames?
The robustness and volume make Vinylize frames more difficult to break than regular frames. Think of bulletproof glass or a composite bow, the combination of laminated materials adds strength. We get a lot of great feedback about how tough our frames are, and German TV even made a video about our production technology. Vinylize frames are made to last forever.
How many stores stock Vinylize?
Nearly 300 worldwide. Find one near you by clicking here.
Do you make sunglasses?
Yes, some of our frames also come as shades.
Jackson, Pege, Gil - how do you name your frames?
Our frames are almost always named after one of the records we used to make the prototype.
Why Budapest?
In 2004 Zachary Tipton founded the company in Budapest. For 3 years prior to that he developed the production method in cooperation with a historical eyeglass factory. The factory has since gone out of business and we bought all the machines. We rely on retrained goldsmiths to work with precision to make each Vinylize frame.
Budapest is the upcycling capital of the world. People here love to bring abandoned junk back to life. Partly just because they don't like to throw things away, but mostly because they simply enjoy being creative with whatever they can find. This constantly gives us ideas for new products and keeps us innovating. Plus Budapest is a beautiful city with great culture and nightlife.
Who has been spotted wearing your frames?
Elton John, Dani Alves, Elvis Costello, FloRida, actor Michael Madsen, Sir Richard Branson, Elton John, Tomislav "Tomo" Miličević, Robbie Williams, and many more.
Can you make a frame out of a vinyl record I send you?
Yes we can customize any frame with vinyl you send us. Drop us a line and we will send you the orderform.
Why do frames cost more when I provide my own vinyl?
When you send us your vinyl, we have to first make sure it is suitable to make frames and then we need to calibrate our machines to mill it correctly. It's not as easy as it looks and we basically have to stop the entire factory.
What kind of records can be used for customization?
We only accept vinyl newer than 1970. 12” or 10” discs are fine but 7” singles are too small. No styrene, no bakelite, no lacquers and absolutely no picture discs (but colored vinyl is ok).
How long does it take to make a custom frame?
From 4 to 15 weeks.
Can I put prescription lenses in your frames?
Yes, your optometrist can put any lens in your frame, unless you order a custom frames made from your own vinyl. Only we can do those as the vinyl may be more susceptible to damage.
I am a retailer, can I also sell your frames in my store?
Sure, and we’d love to hear from you - drop Julio a line (shop@vinylize.com) and we’ll work something out.