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Vinylize Repurpose

Why do we follow the rules? Why can't we do something else?
Sticking with our dedication to repurposing materials, and showing the world that we all can do something different with everyday objects.

The new colletion is made from a solid recycled (and recyclable) aluminium frame front, titanium nosepads, stainless steel hinge and upcylcled temples made from bicycle brake cables.

The temples

Are made from Bowden cables. These are the same cables that stop a bicycle. The hypoallergenic nylon exterior is extremely durable. The helical core add weight and fexibility. Over 500,000 kilometers are discarded yearly and we do our best to discover new ways to repurpose them.

Bicycles are

One of the most efficient methods of transportation. Aluminium the most recycled metal ever.
The front is milled from a solid block of 6061 aluminium. the color is achieved by anodization.