40 tons of vinyl recycled since 2004


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All Vinylize Limited Edition pieces are meticulously handmade

Each custom order begins with your choice of vinyl, followed by the choice of a Vinylize shape

Groove Placement

It all begins with the grooves.
Find out why grooves matter

Utmost care is taken to protect the surface of the vinyl during production.

The finished piece must be placed back into the original vinyl so the grooves match.
Laminating the vinyl to acetate
Cutting out the blocks
Laser engraving the contour
Cutting out the frame
Milling the lens groove
Milling the bridge
Referencing the polished frame front
Sculpting the tennon
Giving the frame a final polish

The Beatles 'Revolver' is made into a Vinylize frame

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Some of the best Limited Editions we have made over the years
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