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Shades Of Prince

The Purple Pupil Protectors celebrate the color purple, the culture and His Purple Majesty with 5 new frames. Inspired by Prince and his iconic album Purple Rain, the limited release is destined to be a majestic match made in heaven.
The Purple One. Prince knew what he was doing from the very beginning. When the purple reign came down with just the right touch, none of us wanted an umbrella.
Standing boldly and prominently between the primary colors blue and red, purple is the color of all things majestic, bold, and mysterious – fitting for a hue that has maintained a singular status in fashion. Purple represents royalty, spirituality, and wisdom, with deep-seated roots in mythology that further separate the exotic hue from other colors in the spectrum.
The 5 piece collection is limited to 120 pieces. Each frame is accompanied by a custom case, wiping cloth, vinyl care card, certificate of authenticity and personal display stand.