"Glasses Classes" - make your own Vinylize workshop

November 10th, 2-5 pm. Location: Budapest.  Price: 125 000 HUF. 
Get an inside view of the manufacturing process of the Budapest based uber premium brand while making your own Vinylize frames. In the course of the workshop you will learn how to make your own frame. With our professional help you will polish, grind, rivet and adjust the sunglasses you will later take home and hopefully wear for years to come. Apply via email: shop@vinylize.com




November 03, 2018 by yulia tishchenko

Fall 2018 Releases

3 new models out this month. Bold and geometrical with lots of grooves.







October 27, 2018 by yulia tishchenko

Vinylize x AC/DC lifestyle shoot: Welcome to our ‘man cave’

The story of Vinylize is not always easy to tell. But they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we teamed up Budapest-based photographer Zoltan Krasznai to create an image that communicates everything you need to know about the Vinylize brand and its recent tie-up with legendary rock band AC/DC.

Vinylize 'man cave' werk photo

The shoot was put together to showcase the officially licensed Vinylize x AC/DC collection of four frames. In addition to being branded with the lightning bolt logo on the exterior and on the inside of the temple, every piece is made from repressings of the band’s original Back in Black vinyl, so the grooves of hits like Hells Bells and Let Me Put My Love Into You are clearly visible on the front.

Vinylize x AC/DC Noise

The challenge when creating the image campaign was to capture the elegance and sophistication of the Vinylize brand without sacrificing the raw energy of the power rockers from Australia. The result is the photograph showing Hungarian-Australian model Istvan Danko unwinding with some classic rock 'n' roll records after a hard day’s work.

The idea was to create a mood of sophistication while showing the vinyl collector in his element – rocking out to his favorite tunes while sipping a drink and reminiscing about the good old days. It is clear from the classic Gibson SG guitar on the wall to the copy of the Tales of Grand Old Daddy by Marcus Hook and Roll Band, an early forerunner of AC/DC featuring the Young brothers, that our music aficionado still has plenty of rock ‘n’ roll coursing through his veins.

Vinylize x AC/DC Noise man cave close-up

Yet he cuts a suave and sophisticated figure in his Vinylize x AC/DC model Bone glasses, which help him make out the fine print both on the record sleeve and on the multi-million dollar business contracts he deals with at work.

Even the pink necktie discarded on his vintage Marshall amp is a nod to the classic schoolboy look cultivated by his guitar idol, Angus Young. Connoisseurs of Hungarian liquor will also note the distinctive bottle of Zwack Unicum at his side, a subtle reference to the home of Tipton Eyeworks in Budapest, Hungary.

The image represents a departure from the design and product focused approach common in the eyewear industry. Instead, it takes its cues more from the world of fashion, where it is all about creating an impact rather than showcasing individual features and details. After all, with a powerful brand, high-quality products sell themselves.

We hope people will identify with our fun take on this approach, after all, it’s not every day you see a 54-year-old fashion model.

Check out the entire collection here.

October 05, 2018 by Adrian Courage

Vinylize for Kendrick Lamar

The following beauty will be available soon. Designed for Kendrick Lamar and made from his 'To Pimp a Butterfly' album.

Available from September 20, this sunglass frame features a rhodium plated sterling silver sweat brow.


August 18, 2018 by Bettina Gál

Vinylize X Sziget 2018

Sziget 2018 serves up a spectacular line up. The Sziget Festival is one of the largest music and cultural festival of Europe. It is now being increasingly labelled as a European alternative to the Burning Man festival due to its unique features. For the fourth year in a row, Vinylize has been choosen as the official backstage eyewear. Designs for this years headliners are:

 Arctic Monkeys, Lana Del Rey, Kendrick Lamar


Mumford and Sons

Stay tuned for the designs. 

August 07, 2018 by Zachary Tipton


Choose your favorite NVSBLE frame in strawberry red, ice blue or smoke
Hawkins Strawberry Red
Nathan Ice Blue
Ras Smoke
View entire collection here
July 25, 2018 by Bettina Gál

Vinylize x AC/DC official press release

The only official AC/DC eyewear collection, and its made out of their vinyl. 

Vinylize crafts AC/DC's multi-platinum album 'Back in Black' into an eyewear collection. Vinylize is a Budapest based independent eyewear brand which recycles vinyl records into premium quality eyewear since 2004 (vinylize.com).Back in Black is one of the top selling rock albums of all time.

Vinylize is excited to introduce the innovative collaboration. "In a way this product is revolutionary. We are breaking the traditional rules of band merchandising,” founder Zachary Tipton explains. “We are introducing a handcrafted European product of extremely high quality, while offering great value for money. Our target market comprises those AC/DC fans who have refined tastes and still love the music."

"Offering fans a wide assortment of rock 'n' roll collectibles is our mandate and we consider this new collection from Vinylize, the first for AC/DC in the eyewear category to be both innovative and edgy" said Norman Perry of Perryscope Productions who along with Epic Rights exclusively oversee the merchandising for AC/DC.

Only three models were made for the first production run. The face of each frame is graced with a portion of one of the most definitive rock albums ever. The proud owner will be rocking the grooves that carry the riffs of Hells Bells and Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution to name but a few of the album's best known tracks. View all.

Model Hell - Named after "Hells Bells" the first track on side A. These frames are an absolute necessity in the place where some AC/DC fans may eventually end up.


Model Bone - Like the track "Givin the Dog a Bone" is not just about man's best friend, the AC/DC X Vinylize Bone is not just a round frame.  

Model Noise - Named after the final track on Back in Black "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution". This rock and roll anthem captures the feeling of the eras as does the AC/DC X Vinylize Noise.

​The temples of each frame are inlayed with a chrome AC/DC lightning bolt. The original grooves of one of he most definitive rock albums ever pressed are visible on the front of the frame.




The insides of the temples are heat-stamped with both brand names.

Each frame comes with a branded case which uses vinyl in its construction and a biodegradable box. The entire package comes with a case, tag, guarantee card, box, wiping cloth, and the frames themselves, all branded.

All frames are also available as prescription or sunglass models. The sunglass option is shipped with polarized  Italian lenses. The newly launched collection is available in select retail locations on the acdc.com website and on the vinylize.com website. 

Check out the whole Vinylize x AC/DC collection here.

 About Vinylize 

Our story starts back in 1998 when the founder, Zachary Tipton, first started making glasses in Seattle Washington. Continually developing new concepts, he began experimenting with plastics. By chance his father's record collection was stored in the garage/workshop. Out of necessity he carved the first Vinylize prototypes from these albums.  The first production series was made in 2001 in Hungary from old communist-era vinyl found at local flea markets. Following years of testing, experimenting and developing, the Vinylize collection was launched in 2004. Production is currently located in Budapest. 

Since then Vinylize has worked with Maui Jim Sunglasses, Nespresso and  Land Rover on recycled eyewear projects. The brand has also provided frames for many music industry greats, including Sir Richard Branson, Mark Lanegan, Elton John, Robbie Williams, Elvis Costello, and Fred Durst but to name a few. Vinylize repurposes over three tons of vinyl per year and the brand’s products are sold globally.

About AC/DC

The Young brothers created a unique culture around their enigmatic music when in 1980 they released what has become one of the  best-selling albums in the world. Back in Black , a hard rock breakthrough, is a rebellious tribute to their late lead vocalist, Bon Scott, and is now considered one of the greatest records of all time, having featured on countless top lists compiled by music authorities such as Rolling Stone and VH1.


With its highly energetic performance style, excellent production values, dynamic melodies and catchy lyrics, Back in Black has never failed to garner critical acclaim from industry professionals, and a rapturous reception from their massive fan base throughout the world.

June 17, 2018 by Bettina Gál

Making of #wearthemusic Episode 1 at Lärm Budapest

Vinylize shoots it up at Lärm. Budapest's best known alternative electronic music club lends their space for a photo shoot with Cinthya, a media designer based in the capital city. View entire campaign

On the set list are essential sound, light and mood generating gadgets. 

... and of course Vinylize shades. The anthracite black backdrop of the club is accentuated by strips of neon ...

There are two rules to follow when at Larm: 1, Love the sound. 2, what happens at Larm, stays at Larm.

Stay moving at the place where the sun never rises. 


No admission, just Vinylize. Wear the music.

View the collection 

February 22, 2018 by Bettina Gál

Vinylize Covered by Discovery Channel

The first airing will be in Canada on the Discovery Channel on Monday November 27 at 8:30 pm on their "Made by Destruction" show.

The episode covers the transformation of ACDC's Back in Black into a pair of Vinylize frames. 

November 27, 2017 by Bettina Gál


Tipton Eyeworks offers the unforgettable experience of working with the craftsmen who make glasses for Robbie Williams, Elton John, Richard Branson and many others. Check the dates here!

You will learn in hours, techniques that took Vinylize years to develop. With the guidance of our master craftsmen even a beginner will have a positive experience, joy and success in creating their own eyeglass frame. Check the dates & Book here.
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