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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

In collaboration with Konsanszky Vinylize sets eyewear trends for SS17. Today, spectacles are more about being seen. Glasses have become a staple fashion accessory. Trendsetters all over the world are now wearing glasses daily – whether they really need to see 20-20 or not.

Model Vinylize Anouk is bold and edgy, yet elegant and refined. Simple by design, sophisticated by nature.

Sheila is a Vinylize nod to the classic design of the sixties and seventies. 

Vinylize Wilson (on the left) round and serious, but with a touch of class as girl's boy frame. The lively form will rock you. Vinylize Ella (on the right) has a well-balanced form with curves and edges. Fine accents on the hinges give it a feminine touch.

Vinylize Howl hides the eyebrows with raised rims and compliments the cheeks.

Camaro, squarely explosive.

 View entire collection here!

Nspiration for NVSBLE

When Warner Bros. asked us to make a birthday present for country sensation and vinyl junkie Hunter Hayes, we said YES! They sent us a copy of his hit single Invisible in clear vinyl, of course.

We immediately got down to developing an invisible Vinylize frame for Warner Bros. and began using a new adhesive which is clear. The crystal vinyl (a serato for the prototypes) was laminated to crystal cellulose acetate and then carved into a frame. The adhesive was later colored sand to lend the frames a vintage look. 

Clear vinyl is vinyl in its purest form. All other colours, including black, are added later. The main issue with clear vinyl is that any impurities are easy to see. As most records are 30% recycled vinyl, achieving consistent colours would be impossible - so it is easy to see why manufacturers “fade to black”. 

The name NVSBLE was coined to accentuate the removal of the letter "i" (which is why the letter "e" remains), "i" representing the self "I" or "eye". 

NVSBLE allowed us to introduce a more subtle look to our designs. The groove texture is present but the heaviness of the black is gone. The surface also appears more uniform. To maximize "face friendliness"  and comfort we cut the rims thinner and sculpted the temples.  

The sculpted temples had to reflect the quality of the frame front as well as improve the balance of the frame. The sandblasted wire core brings texture to the temples.

Gold hot foil stamping was chosen over silver because it accentuates the sand crystal hue.

Each of the 6 models (Ellison, Jack, Ralph, Ras, Rinehart, Tod) were named after characters in H.G. Wells' famous book published in 1897, "The Invisible Man".

To check out the entire collection, click here.

Vinylize at OPTI Munich C4.507

Vinylize will be showing at OPTI again this year. We will have our new Executive line out as well as frames worn by Robbie Williams, Fred Durst and Mick Fleetwood.

The booth will be our grandest yet. More squared meters and fancy decorations. See you there!

January 06, 2016 by Zachary Tipton


Tipton Eyeworks, the creators of Vinylize are bringing their collection of luxury eyewear to the United States. Zachary Tipton founded the company in Budapest in 2004 after 3 years of developing a method to craft high quality, durable eyewear from vinyl records. The entire collection of 60 pieces as well as limited edition box sets are being shipped from Europe.

Tour started in New Mexico and second stop will be Austin, TX. For one day only - December 3rd, 2015 Santa Fe Optical (1601 W. 38TH Street) will host an exclusive trunk show. From 10 am to 5.30 pm Zachary Tipton will style the local crowd with vinyl frames. 

 The Vinylize collection is available only in black. Many of the 60 shapes are made from communist recordings of Lenin speaking and recent dubstep. Limited edition sets featuring custom designed frames made from the vinyl of Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Madonna will also be on display. Join us and be the first to select from the latest F/W 2016 releases.

November 20, 2015 by Zachary Tipton

Vinylize Executive

For the 2015/2016 season Vinylize introduces the Executive line. Influenced by the bygone era of record label executives. The designs are inspired by timeless classic shapes and lasting quality.

The laminated frame front construction remains identical to our Vinylize Classic line. The interior layer of Carrera marble accentuates timelessness. The freshly designed temples are matt palladium plated and feature integrated 5 barrel spring hinges.

The very end of the custom made acetate temple tip is inlayed with a miniature silver vinyl record. 


The temple tips are black to match the frame front and fixed to the temple with a stainless steel screw. The 2015/2016 collection features a total of 6 Vinylize Executive optical frames.

Stay tuned for the Executive Sunglass collection.


Debuting exclusively at SILMO and Vision Expo West. In optical shops soon.

Vinylize Backstage

Vinylize takes you behind the scenes. 

The sacred location where the stars prepare for a show and relax afterwards has generally been off limits to mortals.

Unless you create something special enough to be there.

Florence's Road Whores laugh it up.

Yo! Where is your Vinylize, Gary? With Robbie's Atlantic Horns.

Katie White of the The Ting Tings checks out Fred Durst's custom Vinylize.

Major Lazer's (a.k.a. Diplo) Walshy Fire sporting a pair of  Goodes.

We will be touring this year with the backstage set up 

Diamond on Vinyl

Vinylizing Marina

As part of our collaboration with the 2015 Sziget Festival, which attracted a staggering 441 thousand people over the week this year, we created custom ‘box sets’ for some of the main stage acts.  We couldn’t resist Marina Diamandis, aka Marina and the Diamonds, not least because her Froot album looks amazing in white.

We also love Marina’s distinctive music and singing style, as well as her flamboyant dress sense and love of her fans - whom she refers to as ‘Diamonds’. She has almost a million Diamonds following her on Twitter.

We decided to build her a custom Araya frame made from her white vinyl. The temples were also matched to create a one of a kind Vinylize frame.


We also knew this frame would look great in the white of Marina’s Froot album and would go perfectly with whatever outfit she chooses to wear on stage.

Unfortunately for the rest of us mere mortals, this frame will only be available in black.


August 23, 2015 by Zachary Tipton

Bob Marley Remastered

Vinylize had so much fun with the blue Pink Floyd set that we decided to continue the tradition and celebrate Bob's 70th birthday.

His posthumous Legend release has been reissued as a tricolor pressing a la Rastafarian flag.

This leads to some very unusually colored vinyl and the resulting frames are asymmetrically colored.

Both models are yellow in the center with either red or green on the sides. The Tosh model (available as a classic Vinylize frame as well) is sized for men. Riveted 5 barrel hinges hold the temples together.

The Henneman is sized for women and is also available as a classic Vinylize color. 

The temples are also asymmetrically airbrushed, though it is almost impossible to tell because you never see both temples at the same time unless the frame is closed.

Legends is laminated onto vintage Italian Acetate and the temples sport matching temple tips.
Both the frame and the case are beautifully packaged (with the remaining vinyl holding it in place) in a custom gold lettered box. Featured on our site are the models Tosh and Henneman. Both Legend models have been modified with the addition of airbrushed metal temples.
The frames are not for sale and available only to members of the Marley family. The Bob Marley box sets will be available for viewing at MIDO in Milan and in our Budapest showroom.


Being big fans of the local Hungarian Carneval (Frasang) we took the liberty of remastering a few D.O.G. pressings. The Pécsi band's awesome


3 color 180g vinyl was the perfect choice for the Vinylize Carneval Mask, the perfect lips are the icing on the cake.



February 08, 2015 by Zachary Tipton

50 Vinyl Records per Barrel of Crude

oil equals vinyl

Vinylize commissioned researchers to determine how much PVC can be produced on average from one barrel of crude. These estimations do not take into account transportation or production of sleeves.

It takes roughly 1 barrel of crude oil to produce 50 vinyl records. Please keep in mind that there are many variables such as the quality of the crude and the weight of the pressing.

In 2013 6.1 million vinyl records were sold in the USA alone. 


Check out how we recycle those old records.

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November 18, 2014 by Zachary Tipton