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Anton Corbijn is renown for capturing icons that have resonated in their respective genres across generations, his works including a laundry list of some of the most important artists of the 20th and 21st century. He is known for testing the boundaries of artistry in a way that has made him one of the most important photographers of our times. The connection between art and music has always been substantial, so Corbijn’s progression towards the music industry was not only natural. It was expected.
Standing boldly and prominently between the primary colors blue and red, purple is the color of all things majestic, bold, and mysterious – fitting for a hue that has maintained a singular status in fashion that continues to evoke a layer of emotions centuries later. Purple represents royalty, spirituality, and wisdom, with deep-seated roots in mythology that further separate the exotic hue from other colors in the spectrum.
Consciousness about limited resources and pollution is of growing concern as we realize how important recycling is and how impactful companies are in their role. At Tipton Eyeworks, we have created our own niche in the eyewear market, crafting frames and accessories made from LP records and sold under the Vinylize brand. By taking an ecologically progressive approach to material use, we have yet again separated ourselves from other brands by receiving accreditation as one of the most environmentally friendly eyewear producers on the planet.